About us

Welcome  to Santa Tresa Winery, historic estate situated in the municipaly of Vittoria, a paradise for wine producers. In Santa Tresa working in harmony with nature and we produce a natural wines, full of character and Sicilian spirit. In 2002, my sister Marina and I to take over the ancient Santa Tresa estate. We have all worked all our lives in wine production and on discovering the wonderful vineyards at Santa Tresa, we set about restoring the estate to its former glory – something we have worked on tirelessly ever since. Our fundamental ethos is to work in harmony with the natural environment at Santa Tresa and this is the lifeblood of the estate – the cornerstone of everything that we do.

We have built on the foundations of the seventeenth century estate, maintaining its traditions and respecting the indigenous flora and fauna. We immediately found the conditions for growing grapes were so perfect that we could cultivate our vines in the most natural, non-interventionist way possible, which ultimately culminated in the estate becoming certified organic with the 2009 vintage. We believe that by working hand in hand with nature, we will not only leave a long-standing legacy of a fully sustainable wine-growing estate, but the quality and character of our wines benefits greatly as a result – a win-win situation!